Road User Charging Conference USA 2023

Road User Charging Conference USA highlights the latest tolling technologies, road-usage charging projects and intelligent transport systems being implemented across America.

The two-day event, held in Miami, Florida brings together transportation professionals from US State DOTs, MPOs, transit agencies, think tanks, lobbying groups and alliances across the USA to share best practices, ideas, and information.

A packed agenda focuses on how traffic is regulated, and revenues are generated on highways, freeways, and express lanes, as well as on turnpikes in and out of the USA’s most congested cities, from New York to Los Angeles.

Road-usage charging schemes covering distance-based charging, congestion charging, all-electronic tolling, heavy-vehicle tolling, and automated enforcement are among the topics tackled via exclusive case study presented and panel discussions.

Attendees include US-based toll road operators, toll service providers, toll chargers, systems integrators, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, municipal councils, transportation and highways authorities, state and federal government, mobile telecom operators, telematics solutions providers, consultancies, device and equipment suppliers, technology companies and mobility service providers.

To register for this event please visit the following URL: https://www.roaduserchargingconferenceusa.com/ →

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James L Knight Convention Center, SE 4th St, Miami, USA
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