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With over 13 years of pioneering industry practices, Akabo Media’s new research division, Aurora Insights, is ideally placed to inform. Encompassing data-based reports, executive summaries and a monthly podcast, Aurora Insights is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and innovations in supply chain, logistics, urban mobility, sustainability, and robotics and automation.

Leveraging an extensive database of more than 600 hours of interviews and insights from 10,000 industry professionals to provide unparalleled business intelligence, we don’t just offer information; we provide actionable intelligence. Our unique vantage point, rooted in deep engagement with industry publications, events, and conferences, allows us to deliver informative and actionable insights—information that is “need to know”. 

We offer not just data but comprehensive analysis that can empower businesses to navigate market trends, understand customer behaviour, and align strategies with actionable KPI metrics. In the rapidly shifting economic landscape, the demand for current, data-driven business intelligence is more pressing than ever. Aurora Insights is our response to this need, offering real-time insights directly from the industry’s frontline.

Join us as we dive into the heart of topics such as electric vehicle advancements, breakthroughs in robotics and automation, and new dimensions in supply chain transparency. Our reports, podcasts and summaries will serve as a guiding light, providing our listeners and subscribers with valuable insights in these ever-evolving industries. Experience the revolution in intelligence with Aurora Insights.

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