Editor, Logistics Manager

Jobs like this do not come up very often. The current editor, Malory Davies, is retiring in September this year after more than 15 years at the helm, thus creating a fantastic opportunity for a new editor to take over the mantle of Logistics Manager magazine. The role also encompasses a range of three diverse supplements, including conferences and our prestigious Supply Chain Excellence awards. Surely not a job for the faint hearted, but the rewards are commensurate with the position.

What is an Editor? They set the tone and fit of the business for its readers and customers. At Akabo Media we are very clear that there are two types of customer – buyers and sellers. As a company we use content to bring the two together across a number of opportunities: to transact business, to learn from one another, to showcase cool and relevant products and services and provide an arena for networking

We are a content driven business, writing for the end-users in our industries, representing their interests and helping them to maximise their potential. Of course, content is used to bring buyers and sellers together and we relish the opportunities this affords us. None in our industry could operate without the services and expertise that suppliers and solution providers alike provide, creating a true partnership industry.

Your background will almost certainly be from a business to business publishing and again probably relating to particular industries or industry verticals. You may already be an Editor wishing to have a wider remit than you currently have or an ambitious deputy editor looking to make the step up to running the show. Either way, you will be aided here by a team and company, committed to pursuing excellence in all we produce.

It should go without saying that you are an excellent writer already, skilled in writing news stories and features. On top of this you will require first class organisational skills to keep on top of the monthly magazine plus supplements, show guides etc.

If this sounds like the sort of challenge you are looking for then please apply in writing with a covering letter and a CV to